Unprotected concrete can be destroyed by water

We’re experienced in stucco and masonry repairs. You have heard that concrete is waterproof yet when you turn the hose on your sidewalk it changes color just like it’s taking on water. It is! The trick is to seal your concrete to keep water out. Stucco or concrete blocks should be painted or an acrylic finish applied over them to avoid repairs later.

Stucco is three coats of cement plaster and is best sealed with a colored acrylic finish coat that can also be textured.

Concrete blocks can be skim coated and then have the same textured acrylic finish applied to them.

Cement blocks left without paint or protection deteriorate over time. If the damage is through the wall you can have the damaged blocks cut out and replaced. Often the surfaces can be repaired without removal to make ready for a new coat of paint or acrylic texture.

Limestone restoration can be done to match the color of the stone, Water can damage limestone and it must be clear sealed for protection.

To repair the limestone the damaged areas are removed and the patches are prepared for the new colored mortar. After several coats the final profile can be matched.

Terracotta restoration uses a mortar that is formulated for the clay tile. After the repairs are made the colors of the glazes are matched. The cold glaze is made to look like the original color and texture. Large missing terracotta ornaments can be cast and cold glazed to match the surrounding terracotta. They can be installed into the wall with stainless steel bolts and colored mortar joints.

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